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Conversion to Metric is your online conversion calculator we are committed to give you simple ways to convert the units, of Area, Length, Weight, Volume, Pressure and Temperature just a click of your mouse. We are trying our best to be the solution of anyone need of converting different units online.

Conversion of units refers to conversion factors between different units of measurement for the same quantity. The process of making a conversion cannot produce a more precise result than the original quoted figure. Appropriate rounding of results is normally performed after conversion.

Metric systems
A number of metric systems of units have evolved since the adoption of the original metric system in France in 1791. The current international standard metric system is the International system of units. An important feature of modern systems is standardization. Each unit has a universally recognized size.

Natural systems
While the above systems of units are based on arbitrary unit values, formalised as standards, some unit values occur naturally in science. Systems of units based on these are called natural units. Similar to natural units, atomic units (au) are a convenient system of units of measurement used in atomic physics.

Conversion of units involves comparison of different standard physical values, either of a single physical quantity or of a physical quantity and a combination of other physical quantities

Starting with:
Conversion to metric
just replace the original unit [Z]i with its meaning in terms of the desired unit [Z]j, e.g. if , then:
Conversion to metric
Now ni and cij are both numerical values, so just calculate their product.
Conversion to metric

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